MyBirth was dreamed up by Amy, Emily, and Jenny in the fall of 2013. After working together as doulas in an unofficial capacity for many years, they knew  they shared a similar philosophy regarding birth work, and a clear idea of what kind of preparation and classes they wished their clients could utilize. 

Slowly, MyBirth was born, reflecting the lessons they learned through a combined 20 years of professional labor support, and it continues to grow. MyBirth is proud to partner with local hospitals and providers to expand programming and support for Richmond families. 


The doulas of MyBirth happily support all types of birth:

  • Hospital, home, or birth center
  • Scheduled and/or medically indicated inductions
  • Vaginal and cesarean birth
  • Medicated or unmedicated birth
  • Repeat cesareans or VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)
  • All care providers , both physician and midwifery practice models

MyBirth offers additional services through pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood:

What Parents and Professionals are Sharing

“I liked that it provided a well-rounded view of the many ways you could give birth, vs. being too dogmatic. Natural birth was obviously encouraged and supported, but there was great acknowledgement that there are many ways to deliver and all of those can be a positive experience if you’re prepared. I felt like this not only helped shape my birth experience, but gave me a better understanding of what other mamas choose so that I can better support them.”

Brigette - My Birth Class


“Even though I felt like I had done my research, I learned so much from Emily. My husband and I feel even more confident now going into my VBAC. Thank you!”

— Mallory - My VBAC Success


“Thank you for such a wonderful birth class. My husband and I both found it very helpful. I feel as prepared as I can be, and so does my husband. I have no fear because I am informed. We appreciate the class and work that went into it!”

— Krista - My Birth Class


“As an advanced practice nurse in women’s health for over 15 years and childbirth educator for 8 years, I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse the doulas of MyBirth. This group of women possesses a wealth of talent, skill, wisdom, and compassion beyond belief. They are also incredibly articulate and well-educated which is an added benefit when it comes to helping you collaborate with your medical team. I have worked with a large number of students who have chosen these women as their doula. ”

— Heather Hannon MSN, RN


“The Birth Refresher & VBAC classes were terrific! We found them to be informative. Both Amy & Emily were passionate, supportive, & highly knowledgeable. Very comfortable small group setting.”

— Carrie - My Birth Refresher and My VBAC Success


“I had a great experience with MyBirth. They provided evidence based resources and tools to help manage and prepare for my birth experience. Very open and friendly environment. My specific doula, Jenny Fisher, was amazing and I highly recommend her. Last, they provide several different services and classes to choose from and are located in a really convenient location if you live in the Fan/Museum district.”

— Shauna - My Birth Class student, birth doula client


“Our experience with MyBirth was awesome and both my husband and I couldn’t imagine our birth preparation and actual L&D without the aid of our doula. We were lucky to have Amy Lavelle as our doula for the birth of our firstborn. Her deep knowledge, passion, and commitment to care of all things baby/mommy/family related helped us immensely in navigating decisions and feelings that come with welcoming a life. We owe so much to her for all this and her easygoing, warm nature. We highly recommend her and the MyBirth classes as an integral and rewarding component to any pregnancy and birth.”

— Sara - My Birth Class student, birth doula client


“I can’t say enough good things about MyBirth! These women are incredible, and I would recommend their services to absolutely anyone who is preparing for the birth of a child. Do yourself a favor, and hire a MyBirth doula right now!”

— Mary - birth doula client