What's a Postpartum Doula?

A professional postpartum doula is just like your mom, sister or best friend -- except that they are trained in the most current, safe, evidence-based ways to care for new parents and babies. Whether this is your first or fifth baby, a postpartum doula is there to serve as your family needs, tailoring each care experience to your individual preference. Beginning with the care of new parents and the newborn, postpartum doulas help to guide you through the early days of nursing/feeding, diaper changes, lack of sleep, and questions about baby care. Postpartum doulas help with house duties such as dishes, preparing food, cleaning, or changing bed linens. Often families want assistance with older siblings so they don't feel left out when the baby arrives. Whatever your family's needs, a postpartum doula is there to provide steady, reliable support so that your transition into this chapter of parenthood is as stress free as possible.