Our Story

It is an incredible gift to support a family as they welcome new life into the world. At MyBirth, we cherish the opportunity to encourage you through your journey to parenthood, whether you're welcoming your first child or introducing a sibling to your family. After a combined 20 years of doula experience, we have all learned one certain thing: there is no right way to birth, just what is right for you. At the end, you will confidently say, "This was My Birth.”

Helpful Services....


Compassionate, professional birth support

MyBirth offers education, resources and unconditional support for all birthing families to help you approach your birth with confidence and knowledge. 

Health and wellness, both prenatal and postnatal

Trust the experts at MyBirth for yoga, fitness, nutrition, childbirth education, breastfeeding education, massage, support groups, and more. 



 Mybirth is proud to partner with richmond moms blog!

Mybirth is proud to partner with richmond moms blog!