MyBirth Lactation Support Services

Ashley Johnson, PD, CLC and Sara Krivanec, CPD, CLC, provide lactation support as Certified Lactation Counselors (CLCs); both received training through the Healthy Children Project’s Center for Breastfeeding, and are certified as CLCs through the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice. The CLC credential signifies a person who has demonstrated the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies to provide breastfeeding counseling and management support to families who are thinking about breastfeeding or who have questions or problems during the course of breastfeeding/lactation. CLCs are dedicated to the promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding and human lactation in their work to prevent and solve breastfeeding problems. CLCs understand that breastfeeding works best when it is the cultural norm and when the provider of lactation support services is culturally competent. Research has shown that the education required of CLCs prior to certification is associated with improved breastfeeding outcomes.

Ashley and Sara provide evidence-based, comprehensive breastfeeding management with an emphasis on educational counseling and solving basic and complex clinical breastfeeding issues. They offer support through lactation consultations in your home, a virtual option, and weight check-ins every other Tuesday in the MyBirth studio.

In-Home Preventative Appointments

Ideal for the first two weeks postpartum, when you and your baby are still learning, and you would like feedback on how nursing is going.

One hour visit - $60 with a phone call follow up for any action plans. In this appointment your CLC may:

  • observe a feeding

  • help you to recognize feeding cues

  • discuss signs of a good latch

  • describe different nursing positions

  • discuss how milk is made

  • discuss sore nipple care

  • teach ways to express milk

  • discuss expectations for normal newborn feedings

  • provide a weight check

  • answer any questions & give feedback

*** After your initial phone call, your CLC may determine if you need a different type of appointment

In-Home Lactation Consultation

This appointment is for any person having difficulty with nursing and needs extra support to problem solve an issue.

One hour visit - $85 with a phone call follow up for any action plans. In this appointment your CLC may cover any topics from above plus:

  • difficulty latching

  • nipple pain

  • low milk supply

  • oversupply

  • weaning from nipple shields

  • sleepy babies (jaundice)

  • breastfeeding twins

  • pumping & hand expression techniques

  • alternative feeding techniques/supplementation

  • returning to work

  • milk storage guidelines

  • weight checks

  • answer any questions & give feedback

  • refer to another care professional if a higher level of care is needed

*** After your initial phone call, your CLC may determine if you need a different type of appointment

Virtual Visits

When it’s easier, faster, or due to your location; in-home consultations are preferred when working through any breastfeeding complications. This appointment can be preventative or problem solving.

Thirty Minute Consultation - $65, with a phone call follow-up for any action plans. Using FaceTime or Skype, your CLC will cover any of the topics listed above.

Pop-In Weight Check and Lactation Chat

Pop-in every other week at the MyBirth studio for a weight check and nursing observation that also allows nursing parents the opportunity to chat with others while you nurse your baby and consult with our Certified Lactation Counselor.**

  • $20 drop-in

  • Four-Session Package - $65 to use anytime in your first three months postpartum (click on “View Products/Packages” to purchase a package)

  • Every other Tuesday from 10am-11:30pm.

Your CLC can answer questions about latch, positions, milk supply and expression.

**The Pop-In Weight-Checks are not a place to solve big breastfeeding/lactation problems. If you are having a lot of issues with nursing, or want to dig into your unique situation, consider an individual breastfeeding consult.