Keisha Graham

A toLabor trained professional birth doula, Keisha is expecting to complete her certification in 2018. She has been attending births for seven years; her passion for birth work was sparked after experiencing the noticeable differences in care she received during the births of her own two daughters. Though her general goal is to empower and educate all women, Keisha's passion lies in her desire to bring awareness to the lack of safe, evidence-based care during pregnancy , childbirth, and early parenthood that is often present in minority communities. Keisha is a Richmond native and enjoys laughing, reading, and Game Of Thrones.

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Bailey Robinson, CPD

Bailey Robinson is a certified professional birth doula through ToLabor and a certified MyBirth Childbirth Educator. She has also expanded her skill set by completing a training in acupressure for labor and delivery and the postpartum/prenatal periods. Bailey draws from her experience supporting all types of families in the Richmond area, her extensive trainings, as well as her own personal and professional experiences with hospital and home births to support a diverse array of clients. She is dedicated to empowering families by educating them on their options, and giving them the tools, education, support and respect to advocate for themselves. Bailey believes that birth is an inherently safe process that can often times unfold on its own but that interventions are welcomed in the birthing space when wanted and/or needed. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her two children, her partner and expanding her knowledge in the birth world.

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Erin Patterson, MM, MT-BC, NICU MT

Erin is a DONA International and toLabor trained professional birth doula currently working towards her certification. After 12 years as a board-certified music therapist specializing in neonatal intensive care, children with special needs, and early intervention, she is thrilled to make her passion for pregnancy, childbirth education and birth a part of her professional expertise. Having been an egg donor and surrogate for her cousins, she is especially excited to support families navigating the fertility process, surrogacy, LGBTQ families, poly and non-traditional family groups, and families with children with special needs. Erin believes that all bodies of all genders deserve the most satisfying, empowered birth experience possible. When she isn't nerding out about birth, Erin loves playing music, two-stepping, and bringing home way too many succulents.

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Lauren Patterson

Lauren is a professional Birth Doula, currently certifying through toLabor. After the birth of her daughter, she felt an intense internal pull towards doing birth work. She is captivated by this profession and has a strong belief that prenatal education and a supportive birth team are the building blocks to a positive birth experience. Lauren is committed to providing care that is unique to her clients and the way that they wish to birth, whatever way that may be. She believes the importance of a family's birth experience is monumental and lasts a lifetime.

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