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MyBirth is an organization created by doulas, with content and curriculums geared toward professional doulas, with the intent of improving outcomes and satisfaction for birthing people and their families. Founded in 2015 by Amy Lavelle and Emily Bruno, MyBirth seeks to marry the empathy, compassion, advocacy, and activism of the best birth doulas, with the business savvy, vision, and long term growth goals that they see to be fundamental to the continuation of doula work and childbirth education as a craft comparable to nursing and midwifery.

Our mission at MyBirth is dedicated to providing support to all parents and people, regardless of their gender, race, religion, identity, or expression. MyBirth provides support services through conception, pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum. We trust birth. That being said, more than we trust birth, we trust the decisional capability of the person giving birth. All care, education, and support must center in affirming the power of pregnant and birthing people. Shared decision making, informed consent, and informed refusal happen best when birthing people have access to knowledge and information regarding their options, choices, and alternatives.

My Birth Class, Doula Craft, and all childbirth education courses created and taught by MyBirth are centered in evidence, research, and our practical knowledge and experience as working doulas. It is our belief that birth is an inherently safe process. A normal physiologic labor and birth is one that is powered by the innate human capacity of the birthing person and fetus. This birth is more likely to be safe and healthy because there is no unnecessary intervention that disrupts normal physiologic processes. Physiologic birth is associated with improved maternal and fetal health outcomes, as well as maternal and family satisfaction with the birth experience.

As doulas, we also recognize that birthing people sometimes need to take full advantage of medical tools and resources. Our goal as doulas and educators is to prepare parents to make informed, confident decisions that best serve the needs of their own families.

MyBirth™ Childbirth Education and My Birth Class™

Childbirth education created by an for doulas. Completion of our workshop, required reading, activities, and exam results in your certification as a MyBirth® Childbirth Educator. MyBirth Educators are authorized to teach the full My Birth Class™ curriculum.

Doula created, research based, practical learning:

  • Created by working doulas, rooted in the midwifery model of care, designed for flexibility and growth; over 500 families taught since 2015.

  • Proven preparation for confident, satisfying births

  • Appropriate for clients and students birthing:

    • at home, in a birth center, in a hospital;

    • with an obstetrician, midwife, or collaborative care team.

  • Training and certification includes curriculums and student workbooks for:

    • My Birth Class™ 12-hour comprehensive CBE, 4-hour "refresher", 2-hour "basic" CBE

Teach your students and clients about:

  • the physiology of pregnancy and birth

  • physical and emotional preparation for birth

  • proven, adaptive comfort & coping techniques

  • common interventions and tools for birth

  • confident decision making

  • consent and navigating conversations

    postpartum healing and expectations

MyBirth’s comprehensive approach to childbirth education:

  • in-person training workshops

  • plus online support

  • handouts, digital presentations, and workbooks for students (updated yearly)

  • teaching strategies that work

  • engaging and memorable activities for students

  • creating a diverse and inclusive class environment

  • developing personalized student resources

  • real-time educator updates on research and evidence

  • skill building for marketing, promotion, and class organization

Join us December 6th - 8th, 2019 at MyBirth in Richmond, VA for our next CBE workshop. Workshop, exam, certification, and full curriculum is $849.00. Our yearly fee for recertification and curriculum/workbook updates is $125.00. Please scroll down for enrollment info.

We hope to make MyBirth Childbirth Education accessible to as many people as possible; if you are a doula or birth advocate from a marginalized group or community, please contact us for scholarship information.

Payment plans available upon request. Please email MyBirth at mybirthrva@gmail.com for more info.

Doula Craft

Strengthen Your Craft. Explore Your Calling.

Doula Craft® was created by Emily Bruno, CPD, CBE, and Amy Lavelle, Ph.D., CPD. Emily is co-owner of MyBirth, a doula of 13 years, and a VBAC advocate; Amy is co-owner of MyBirth, a doula of eight years, and holds a Ph.D in Genetics from VCU. They have combined their knowledge of birth and research to build a successful birth business in Richmond, VA, and mentor the doulas and educators of MyBirth. Since May of 2015, the doulas of MyBirth have supported nearly 500 birth clients, as well as hundreds of families through their original childbirth education classes.

Doula Craft distills into a two-day workshop our knowledge and experience gained through supporting hundreds of births in hospitals, freestanding birth centers, and at home. This two-day experiential workshop is hosted annually at MyBirth, is open for sponsorship throughout the U.S., and explores:

  • Birth work as a vocation, authenticity as a doula

  • Building a sustainable doula practice

  • Avoiding and recovering from burnout

  • Confidently working within your scope of practice

  • Comfort measures, coping, and keeping clients home in early labor

  • Promoting confidence in physiologic birth

  • High risk pregnancy and birth scenarios

  • Induction of Labor

  • Obstetric Emergencies

  • Family centered cesarean

  • Trauma: supporting clients, caring for ourselves

EARLY BIRD PRICING: $320.00 if you register by 12/1/19; after 12/1, the price for the workshop will be $375.00.

Join us January 25th and 26th, 2020 at the MyBirth Community Studio in Richmond, VA for our next Doula Craft workshop. This is an 18-hour workshop (two, one-hour working lunches included in the allotted time) and is $375.00. MyBirth will provide each enrollee with a Certificate of Attendance which they may submit to their training organization for CEU approval.

+ We hope to make Doula Craft accessible to as many people as possible; if you are a doula or birth advocate from a marginalized group or community, please contact us for scholarship information.

+ Payment plans are available upon request, as well as full refunds if requested more than 2-weeks prior to the event. Full or partial refunds can be arranged on a case-by-case basis if a doula must attend a birth during their workshop.