Sommer Humphries, Postpartum Doula (DONA)

Sommer is a trained, professional doula through Doulas of North America, and is CPR certified through the American Red Cross. Sommer draws from her experience as a mother of three, plus her professional training, to make your transition to life with your new baby (or babies!) as smooth as possible. Sommer is trained and qualified to support families through all infant feeding methods, developing schedules and sleep routines, sibling adjustment, light housework & cooking, pumping, returning to work, families with multiples, and special needs infants. She also facilitates our free postpartum support group, My Birth- First year, which meets the last Thursday of every month in the MyBirth Community Studio.

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Claire Prendergast, PCD-DONA

Claire moved to Richmond, Virginia in 2012 after completing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. She came to be near family and soon after started a family of her own. Realizing the huge gap in maternity care after the birth of her first child in 2014, she pursued work supporting growing families. She completed her postpartum doula training with Doulas of North America (DONA) International in 2015. Since then she has worked with over 25 families, assisting with baby care, breastfeeding, soothing, family adjustment, household chores and connecting parents with the resources they need for a smooth transition to life with their new baby(ies). In 2018 she completed her certification and gave birth to her second child. Living the “fourth trimester” experience again gave her new insight into the best ways to support other families. Her passion lies in the emotional and logistical transformation that occurs with each new baby. She offers one-time and ongoing postpartum support as well as a reoccurring “My Baby Class” educating parents on what the fourth trimester will look like with tips and tricks for navigating it. She also facilitates the First Year meet-up in the MyBirth space the last Thursday of every month. Claire also presents a monthly postpartum presentation to VCU’s centering pregnancy groups. Her goal is being able to help people feel that they are enjoying this special time instead of struggling through it. She believes there is no substitute for hands-on guidance for new parents and hopes that every family can get the support and resources they deserve! 

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Courtney Jameson, LMT, PD (CAPPA)

Courtney will never forget her 27th birthday. Her youngest daughter had been born 5 days earlier, her milk had just come in and she was in excruciating pain. Her husband had taken her oldest daughter to an obligatory family event, and she was sitting in her pea green plushy chair completely overwhelmed and in tears. Then her mom came over, saw her daughter struggling, and not quite knowing how to help, made her a healthy lunch, cleaned her filthy bathroom, and held her crying baby. These small acts of kindness made all the difference in the world for Courtney. Now her daughters are both in elementary school, and she is ready to be the support to new parents that her mom was to her 5+ years ago. Having completed her training, Courtney is in the process of completing her CAPPA certification. Courtney has raised two children of her own, and has a passion for helping families make the transition into parenthood. Courtney offers breastfeeding support, sibling support, nighttime and sleep support, emotional support, and will connect new parents to other resources they may need. She is also happy to do light house work and cooking. Courtney has been a licensed massage therapist since 2012, works on many prenatal and postnatal clients, and has training in infant massage as well. She has a passion for families of every kind and a desire to help new parents feel confident and supported in every step of their journey.

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